Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fort FUNston!

Today Turtle explored a magical place called Fort Funston with his friends Preston, Wasabi, Freddy and Rocket.

What's a visit to the beach without a little hole digging...

T was anxious for his friends to arrive.

At last!

The sniff and greet.

Hello Wasabi. Nice to meet you too.

Did somebody say treat?

Goodbye Rocket - see you next time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turtle's first trip

Turtle recovered from his surgery just in time to enjoy his Thanksgiving trip to Colorado. Here he is with his new "go bag" that was packed with all his favorite toys and treats.

Turtle got to play with his cousin Daryl who is twelve years old, but who still gave T a run for his money.

He also got to meet his cousins Bella and Macy. The three of them had fun showing Tyler all the tricks they know.

But the best treat of all was the snow that fell on our last day in town. After eating half the snow in the yard, Turtle had a wheee of a time running through the rest. He can't wait to go back at Christmas!