Sunday, January 25, 2009

Turtle's weekend in Napa

To celebrate being done with school applications we went up to Napa for the weekend. Turtle was lucky he got to come along because he had actually made it harder for us work and send in our apps.

When we got to the room Turtle was pleased to see they were expecting him.

But he decided the other bed was more to his liking...

It's a good thing he had a such a cushy bed, because he needed to rest up for his big day of hiking through the vineyards.

And he even got to try out the agility equipment at the dog park.

He was so tired he missed all the pretty scenery on the way back to San Francisco.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Men at work

Turtle had an extra special visit to the office today, because he got to play with his pal Max.

The best part was going outside to play in the rain!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New year's revolutions

Turtle's back! And he finally had some time today to think about his new year's resolutions, but he said he prefers to call them "revolutions." I think he felt inspired by the lovely view on our walk...

1. Stop jumping on strangers even if they think it's cute and egg me on
2. Stop barking at little kids in puffy jackets
3. Go on 3 camping trips and learn how to sleep in a tent without getting scared
4. Work on my English
5. Practice sleeping in on weekends
6. Eat more carrots

He would like all his puggle friends to hold him to these revolutions.