Saturday, October 31, 2009

The princess and the bee

Happy Halloween! Turtle's grandma bought Turtle his very first Halloween costume this year (T's dad doesn't let him wear clothes). She got him bumble bee costume because she thinks he's such a "busy bee" whenever he visits her house.

In true form, we had a hard time getting him to sit still in his costume to take a picture with princess Emma.

Emma: "What are we waiting for?"
Turtle: "Grandma, leave my ears alone!"

Now they're ready for trick or treating!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall delights

Tyler came to visit this weekend, so Turtle wanted to show him all his favorite things about the fall in Michigan.

First up, was a walk around Bandemer Park to see all the fall colors.

And Turtle took a few time outs to chase squirrels, but they always got away at the last second.

On Tyler's last day, we went to the apple cider mill. Luckily, Turtle was tall enough to pick apples.

Here are all the apples Turtle thinks he picked ;)