Saturday, September 6, 2008

Turtle's big break

After all the auditions and open calls, Turtle finally got his time in the spotlight:

Front page of the Daily Puppy!

Here are some early reviews from the critics:

"Love the name and the fat little puppy belly."

"I can hardly stand it he is so cute - almost have to nibble on my computer at his picture."

We're going out to buy Turtle a hat and sunglasses so he won't be recognized on his walks. As he told me this morning, "Ma, I'm kind of a big deal now."


Preston said...

Congrats, Turtle. You have got a lot of fans now. Watch out for those paparazzi!
Those are great pictures! You make us puggles proud. What?! "Breed: mixed (unknown)"?! Tell them we are PUGGLES! :)


Bruschi said...

Turtle! Congratulations! Great pics and wow, the front page of the Daily Puppy! How exciting!Like Preston said, watch out for the Puparazzi now that you have been discovered! Maybe you should get a pair of those Doggles that he has, to disguise yourself!

Hugs, Bruschi