Sunday, August 22, 2010

First dog park trip together

Duncan, Turtle and I arrived back in Ann Arbor this week. We were very excited to get re-settled in our apartment and go to our local dog park.

Duncan held back with me while Turtle made his usual rounds.

Turtle checked back often to make sure everything was o.k. and to get Duncan up to speed on dog park etiquette.

Then Duncan felt brave enough to go explore on his own!

Then it was back home for a nap on the cool kitchen floor.


Maddy the Puggle said...

Glad to see you're showing your brother the ropes, Turtle :) I'm sure you're happy to be home!

Ariel said...

It looks like you both had a Barking Great time. Glad you're home! <3

Puggle Preston said...

oh both of you are so good-looking! What a beautiful family you have.